Bill Villa's DUI Coverage Round-Up

Bill Villa's alcoholism, drunk driving, and former(?) long-time illegal drug abuse permeates almost every aspect of his hate-filled life and hate blogging.

Certainly, it has played a role in his lifelong professional failure -- he only recently landed a near-entry-level job suitable for late twenty-somethings at the retirement age of 62 (Bill Villa, Creative Director, Allebach Communications, Souderton PA) -- ironic given his habit of falsely claiming many of his “Foes List” victims are failing in their careers or businesses. Worse still, it drives him to continually make a spectacle of himself and dishonor the memory of his daughter tragically killed by a drunk driver much like himself.

Not only are Bill Villa's delusions the worst thing in his life, but by driving his demented, belligerent lies, reputation vandalism, and violent references against others, it has caused considerable damage to the lives of his nearly 60 “Foes List” victims.

We at have produced in-depth coverage of Bill Villa's delusional, substance abuse-sodden past in an effort to show the utter lack of credibility behind his smears and abuse against so many law-abiding community leaders and their families. More will follow, but here is a current round-up:

Drunk Driver and Former Long-Time Illegal Drug Addict Bill Villa's DUI Hypocrisy

One of Bill Villa's favorite smears against his “Foes List” victims is to falsely and baselessly accuse them of being alcoholics and/or drunk drivers as he is.

Ironically, drunk driver and former illegal drug addict Bill Villa has petitioned Pennsylvania Superior Court to hand over the DUI records of many of his fellow drunk drivers -- while lying that his records are “expunged” or “sealed” or “special” -- or something. (See Bill Villa's BIG Crybully Lies)

Given this, we at decided it would only be fair to Bill Villa's many falsely accused victims that we expose his DUI records. This spun Villa into a demented rage described here and in the other listed articles. See More...

A Tale of Two Drunk Drivers (And a Drug Addict)

Bill Villa baselessly -- indeed delusionally -- blames nearly 60 of his community’s finest citizens (his “Foes List”) for events following his daughter’s tragic death at the hands of a drunk driver like himself -- smearing them with vicious and outrageous lies and often menacing them with references to violence.

Many of his victims thought it was time for drunk driver and former long-time substance abuser Bill Villa to look in the mirror. See More...

Drunk Driver Bill Villa's BIG Crybully Lies

Drunk driver and former long-time illegal drug addict Bill Villa can dish it out, but he certainly can’t take it. After falsely and baselessly accusing many of his “Foes List” victims of being alcoholics and drunk drivers, it quickly became obvious that the only drunk driver in the story was Bill Villa. This brief piece sheds light on the truth that Bill Villa hates so very much. See More...

One helpful victory against drunk driver and former illegal drug addict Bill Villa's demented campaign of smears and references to violence is that he has been forbidden from carrying it out during working hours by his employer. If you are being in any way menaced by Bill Villa during the working day, address all correspondence to:

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