Bill Villa's Imaginary Friends

The fictitious names under which he presumably does so include “Monkey Mambo”, “455 W.Hamilton St”, “Consigliere”, “The City Official”, “LCVI”, and “The Banker." In fact, other than Bill Villa's name and his wife's Angie’s (a one-time temporary "teacher" in the Allentown School District now apparently made virtually unemployable in districts with zero tolerance for bullying by virtue of her co-publishing her husband's bullying hate blog), it’s nearly impossible to find a false and abusive comment on their hate blog not under one of the few false names above. Virtually none of their false, hate-filled comments are associated with a verifiably real person with a real name.

Bill Villa claims to run SiteMeter so as to log the identities of visitors to his site (whom he falsely calls “stalkers”). Curiously, Bill Villa refuses to use the SiteMeter data he claims (falsely?) to have to disprove Mr. Stevens assertion.

It's peculiar that Bill Villa continues to desperately struggle to convince readers that he would ever be welcome on WAEB again after being so thoroughly discredited as a liar on this and so many other points.

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