Bill Villa's References to Violence

Bill Villa increasingly resorts to violent references in an effort to intimidate his “Foes List” victims.
  • Villa doctored a photo of a female Assistant District Attorney to make it appear that she had just been physically assaulted and injured by superimposing a livid red handprint indicating a smack mark on her face -- then misogynistically and hatefully “joking” that she had been “bitch slapped”
  • He has emailed a family member of a “Foes List” victim questioning whether he should attack the victim "with bare knuckles or brass knuckles."
  • Another “Foes List” victim received an email from Villa saying that Villa was "certain" that "God" was "on that" to bring about the victim's "slow and ugly death" and closed with a phrase around the victim "chugging cheap wine in hell with [the name of a member of the victim's family] soon." Immediately after this, as a chilling coda, Villa quoted fictional serial killer Hannibal Lecter on his blog.
  • Villa has indicated on his Facebook page that he believes there is an effort on the part of Lehigh County District Attorney James Martin and Sprague & Sprague (one of the country’s leading law firms) to “bait” him to "punch the nose through the back of the head" of an affiant and potential witness in a case brought against him by the District Attorney.
  • He has stalked a “Foes List” victim and reported on his blog the exact time, location, and apparel of the victim on a morning walk. In the same post he mentioned the victim’s wife by name, strongly implying that she was home alone.

Given that Mr. Villa’s references to violence are increasingly menacing, should you hear Mr. Villa referring to violence in the workplace or elsewhere, contact your local police department immediately. If you associate with Bill Villa on a professional basis as a colleague or client, or if you are the target of abusive posts or emails from him during standard business hours, address all correspondence to Jamie Allebach, Chief Executive and Creative Officer, Allebach Communications, Souderton PA.