Bill Villa's Victims United's Mission

We provide a forum for victims of Bill Villa’s 60+ “Foes List” to rebut his lies, half-truths, and innuendo. We intend that this information resource appear in Google searches for both our names and Mr. Villa’s as frequently and prominently as do Mr. Villa’s baseless attacks and references to violence.

Indeed, our sense of urgency increases by the day given that Mr. Villa -- a deeply troubled alcoholic, convicted drunk driver, and former long-time illegal drug addict -- spews ever-increasing references to violence against the “Foes List” victims he has for so long been smearing with lies, half-truths, and innuendo.

We also make this information resource widely available to serve as a warning to as many people as possible who, by associating with Mr. Villa (Creative Director, Allebach Communications, Souderton PA) on a personal or professional basis, are at risk of being victimized by Mr. Villa and his unhinged “Foes List” attacks. This in the hope that they take all appropriate precautions when interacting with Bill Villa to prevent serious damage to their personal and professional reputations -- and the reputations and peace-of-mind of their families and associates (favorite targets of Bill Villa when he chooses a new “Foes List” victim).

We are not here to vindictively take retribution against Bill Villa. Our hope is that by bringing his abuses to the attention of those in his personal and professional circles such as
  • The Marketing and Advertising staffs of mid-sized food and beverage manufacturers throughout the U.S.
  • All U.S. advertising agencies specializing in the food & beverage and related industries
  • The advertising industry trade press

we might bring Mr. Villa to his senses and incent him to remove from the web his “Foes List” and all associated attacks on us so that we can, in turn, remove this information resource site. We want nothing more than for Mr. Villa to put his decade of hate and compulsive spewing of lies, half-truths, innuendo, and violent references behind him and rejoin the community as a well-adjusted, productive citizen.

We're here to help if you let us, Bill.