The B. V. V. U. Welcome Wagon

As Bill Villa's “Foes List” victims continually redouble our efforts, word spreads and our growth continues apace. We’ve been gratified to welcome hundreds of visitors and thousands of visits.

Here are some of our typical visitors to date:

Law Enforcement
Many “Foes List” victims and their families have sought relief from Bill Villa's abuse and references to violence by bringing their concerns to law enforcement at all levels. Given Bill Villa's increasingly bizarre behavior, increasingly frequent and ominous references to violence, and his history of many years of alcoholism and illegal drug abuse, law enforcement is paying attention. We welcome the visitors we’ve received from local, state, and federal agencies here at and are grateful for their interest in staying abreast of the growing threat presented by Bill Villa.

There is a very recent and encouraging case in point. Both Bill Villa and his wife Angie Villa singled out a highly respected teacher for abuse on their hate blog Lehigh Valley Somebody -- for no reason other than being the wife of a “Foes List” victim. After the hate blogging Villas posted her photo, place of employment, a photo of her and her husband’s home, address, and phone number on the web (immediately following threats made against the teacher’s husband), school officials and local police took action to enhance the level of protection around her and the children surrounding her by implementing an enhanced security protocol -- until a means can be found of stopping Bill Villa's abuses permanently.
Allebach Communications and the Souderton PA Area
We have seen several visits from the food and beverage advertising agency employing Bill Villa, and from the Souderton PA area in general.

We at hope to have the opportunity to work closely with Allebach Communications' management team to put a stop to Bill Villa's hate blog abuses (particularly the stomach-turning misogyny and racism in addition to the references to violence), and we extend to them our warmest wishes anytime they might choose to visit our site again or contact us.

Any of Bill Villa's co-workers concerned that they find themselves on his “Foes List” and/or subject to his abuse and references to violence should contact us at Your concerns will be held in the strictest of confidence, and we will assist you in any and every way possible.
Erie Insurance
After several visits to by Erie Insurance, we determined that they were likely paying Bill Villa's legal fees, and Bill Villa and his attorney Michael Shay have since publicly confirmed that. If you are a victim of Bill Villa's “Foes List” a loved one of a victim, or a concerned Erie Insurance customer, contact Erie Insurance directly.
“Foes List” Victims was built by Bill Villa's “Foes List” victims for Bill Villa's “Foes List” victims.

Some victims have expressed fear of retaliation from Bill Villa on his hate blog and elsewhere when asked to join us. To you we say: there is safety in numbers.

Some have declined to respond to us. To you we say: you owe it to yourself and your family to take back your reputation and good name vandalized by Bill Villa.

Contact us in complete confidence at:
Visitors from Around the Corner… Around the Country… and Around the World!
We’ve been gratified (astonished, really) by the breadth and depth of our visitor list -- and the speed at which it's grown! In many cases we do not and cannot know the identity of a visitor (and would never violate anyone’s privacy by attempting to), but only the general location. Some of these have included:
  • The rolling hills of Pennsylvania with localities such as Horsham, Reading, Hatfield, and Fredericksburg
  • More far-flung U.S. locations such as Colorado, California, New York, and Washington (State)
  • And a global travelogue including Reykjavik Iceland and Düsseldorf Germany
If you have visited and now want to protect yourself, your family, your business, your employees and their families from possible inclusion on Bill Villa's “Foes List”, please contact us -- in complete confidence -- at:
...And Many More to Come…
We’ll keep you posted...

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