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April 23, 2017
April 23, 2017
Bill Villa’s Victims United Launches
Awareness Campaign 2017!
  • Round One:
    Bill Villa's Online Abuse of Women
    Available Now!
    Whether they are "Foes List" members or female family members of "Foes List" victims, Bill Villa despicably targets
    women with chilling references to violence and deep invasions of privacy. Help us warn everyone possible who
    interacts with Bill Villa of the risk to them and their families.

    We've developed a series of three postcards to spread the word through e-mail and snail-mail.
    See How You Can Help Here !
  • Round Two:
    Bill & Angie Villa's Vicious Attacks On Two of Allentown's
    Most Esteemed African-American Leaders
    Coming Q2 2017!
    When community and civil rights leader Alfonso Todd ran for City Council without Bill Villa's approval, Villa began a
    blistering smear campaign, at one point saying, "I'm not done destroying you in the community!" Then, in typical
    Ku Klux Klan fashion, bigot Bill Villa demanded Mr. Todd be jailed for a few outstanding parking tickets! And,
    of course, Villa proceeded to attack Mr. Todd's domestic partner.

    Perennially rejected applicant and self-described "teacher" Angie Villa and her husband Bill decided to use their
    hate blog to take revenge on Allentown School District's highly regarded HR Director David Elcock, smearing him
    with the baseless accusation that he colluded with the District Attorney to "blacklist" Mrs. Villa.
    Look for Post Cards April 1 -- Or Before!

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