Drunk Driver Bill Villa's BIG Crybully Lies

Let’s start now and work backwards. Drunk driver and former long-time illegal drug abuser Bill Villa is currently asking Pennsylvania Superior Court to turn-over to him the DUI records of numerous drunk drivers just like himself. He also enjoys spitefully falsely accusing victims of his 50+ “Foes List” “Foes List” of being drunks and/or having been convicted of DUI.

We at BillVillasVictimsUnited.com thought that, given drunk driver Bill Villa's Superior Court action and his myriad false accusations of alcohol-related behavior against some of our community’s finest people, we should bring to the public’s attention Bill Villa's actual, court documented drunk driving history.

So we walked into the Lehigh County Judicial Records Criminal Division (in the Lehigh County Courthouse, Room 122, 455 W. Hamilton Street, Allentown, PA), asked the lovely, delightfully kind and patient ladies who work there for some help with the microfilm machine, and for less than $20 walked out with Bill Villa's sordid (“...the defendant could not remember his own name and address...”, "...nearly empty Stolichnaya bootle on the [car] floor...") drunk driving history where he for so long put at risk Lehigh Valley drivers and the lives of their children and families. Anyone can, and is entitled to, obtain this shameful information. Anyone.

After we published our exposé, Bill (Creative Director at food and beverage industry advertising agency Allebach Communications in Souderton PA) and Angie Villa's (together the Bonnie and Clyde of hate blogging in the Lehigh Valley) hate blog lie machine (“Lehigh Valley Somebody”) spun into full, frantic, delusional high gear. First, drunk driver Bill Villa screeched that his DUI records were expunged. Or sealed. Or “Special.” Or something. And that accessing and exposing his DUI records was a crime (because the records are "special" or he's "special" or something) and that numerous law enforcement officials were "suspects" in his "investigation" of the "crime." None of that was in any way true, of course, but what does former drug addict Bill Villa ever say that is true?. Again, nothing more than nothing more than Bill Villa's coke-fired paranoid delusion of the sort so common to those who spent too many years as illegal drug addicts.

Bill (or William P. as he is known in criminal complaints) Villa is a liar.

Now in full demented rage, Bill Villa is yet again lying by claiming that Lehigh County officials are “helping” him in his “investigation” and that he has uncovered “suspects.” If you believe Bill Villa may, against all odds, be for once telling the truth, simply call Lehigh County Executive Tom Muller and ask him if any elected, appointed, or employed Lehigh County personnel are "helping" Bill Villa with his delusional, imaginary "investigation." He’ll tell you Bill Villa is a liar.

Bill (or William P. as he is known in criminal complaints) Villa is a liar.

Bill Villa's mawkish melodrama over having his run-of-the-mill drunk driving records exposed -- just like any other run-of-the-mill drunk driver -- might be comic if not for the tragic circumstances his lifelong irresponsibility has engendered. Perhaps some of the blame for his daughter’s having tragically lost her life by having gotten into a car with a drunk driver had its roots in her drunk driver father getting arrested at 5:20 in the morning where, according to the criminal complaint, he, “...could not remember his own name and address or where he was...” (See Bill Villa & Robert LaBarre: A Tale of Two Drunk Drivers (and a Drug Addict) ). It would have been fruitless for him to try to instill in his daughter the important lesson of not riding with drunks when he himself was a drunk driver. With the proper instruction and example from her father, perhaps Sheena Villa would not have gotten into a car driven by visibly drunk Robert LaBarre that tragic night.

Except for the Grace of God and some luck, drunk driver Bill Villa is no different or better than drunk driver Robert LaBarre. The drunk driving Bill Villa could have killed someone else’s daughter just as easily as LaBarre killed Villa’s.

Drunk driver and former long time illegal drug abuser Bill Villa needs to look in the mirror, grow up, and stop his lies, half-truths, innuendo and references to violence against his nearly 60 “Foes List” victims.

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