Drunk Driver and Former Long-Time Illegal Drug Addict Bill Villa's DUI Hypocrisy

ARD drunk driver Bill Villa has gone to Pennsylvania Superior Court to demand the DUI records of many of his fellow drunk drivers. Curiously (and hypocritically), he is trying to hide his own DUI.

(when you're done, don't miss the update "Bill Villa’s Drama Queen Meltdown" below...)

Bill Villa's Victims United has learned that part of ARD drunk driver Bill Villa's sordid DUI past is immortalized on microfilm under records 1986/0075-s and 1986/0218, and we have obtained them. In the mean time, we have learned through other sources that William Patrick (Bill) Villa -- now a 62 year old employee of Food and Beverage industry advertising agency Allebach Communications in Souderton PA -- was:

  • arrested drunk at the wheel for DUI on 1/5/1986 at 0520 (AM! With small children at home!) by South Whitehall Police Patrolman David A Keck
  • subsequently taken before District Justice Theodore Russiano
  • offered ARD by Lehigh County ADA Glen Clark, which was subsequently approved by Lehigh County Court of Common Pleas Judge Hellenberg

We contacted drunk driver Bill Villa for comment via email, but he refused, calling our email "harassment by communication." We thought that rather peculiar coming from Bill Villa, an individual who has frequently used email to attempt to intimidate his nearly 60 “Foes List” vicitms with references to violence and other threats.

It would seem that the term "crybully" was coined especially for drunk driver Bill Villa.
Moving froward, we are especially eager to learn:

  • the number of Bill Villa's DUI (or other) arrests
  • his Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) at the time of the above arrest
  • and whether there were any illegal drugs in Bill Villa's system at the time of his arrest
Stay tuned for more information on Bill Villa's DUI (at least one to our knowledge) history as we uncover it...

Bill Villa’s Drama Queen Meltdown
Bill Villa is hot on the trail of yet another conspiracy, and, with his plastic Inspector Detector badge pinned to his lapel, he’s following all the leads!

Or... maybe the "conspiracy" is just a coke-fired paranoid delusion of the sort so common to those who spent too many years as illegal drug addicts.

Either way, after suffering the great inconvenience of having his DUI history exposed while self-righteously demanding the DUI histories of others, Bill Villa launched into a furious weeping rage, screeching that it was all so unfair, because his DUI records were sealed! Or expunged. Or "special." Or something.

Now Bill Villa is pestering numerous public officials and telling anyone who will listen (or even just not flee when he approaches spewing foam from his mouth) that there is a conspiracy afoot in the outrage of his DUI records being exposed as if he were just any other run-of-the-mill drunk driver! He's special! Or something!

Bill Villa has even named “suspects” in his “investigation” (no, seriously, he’s actually calling what he’s doing an “investigation” -- and no, honestly, he really can't understand what a dweeb that makes him look like). Among those conspirators he will be sending up the river are:
  • the Lehigh County DA (who Villa also insists was a key conspirator in both the Lincoln and Kennedy assassinations -- and who Villa is convinced stole his lunch from the Allebach Communications refrigerator the other day)
  • an affiant/possible witness in the DA’s case against him (whom he believes has been planted by the Russians to frame him)
  • a judge (there is, of course, always a judge in Villa's fever dream paranoia)
  • a retired police chief from the Lancaster area (uh, really, your guess on how he came up with that one is as good as anybody’s)
  • and 1930’s film noir star Peter Lorre as Nikolai Zaleshoff

Here’s the reality that Bill Villa just can’t seem to grasp while riding the Disorient Express: if there was anything special about his DUI, nobody ever told the Clerk of Judicial Records for the Criminal Division.

All anyone has to do is walk into The Lehigh County Courthouse, go to room 122, ask one of the patient and kind ladies working there for some help with the microfilm system, and for about 20 bucks in copy fees Villa's whole sordid (“...the defendant was not able to remember his own name and address…”) DUI history is yours. Suitable for framing.

As usual, the only "conspiracy" is in Bill Villa's tragically twisted mind...