Former Drug Addict Bill Villa Obsessively Stalking B.V.V.U.

Well, by his definition he is stalking us.

You see, the demented Bill Villa will post outrageous lies and ever more frequent references to violence against his “Foes List” victims on his hate blog, then, when his victims visit his hate blog to asses the damage, he delusionally claims that they are “stalking” him. Sometimes he defiles his daughter’s memory and shamelessly cheapens her tragic death by irrationally claiming victims are “stalking a grieving family” simply for keeping an eye on his baseless attacks against them.

So, by his own definition, Bill Villa is stalking us at
The aging, wizened, 62 year old drunk driver, alcoholic, and former(?) illegal drug addict Bill “Twitchy” Villa can’t seem to keep his hands off the browser bookmark. His “stalking” (his definition, not ours) began at our launch, but his full-blown, rage-driven, obsessive “stalking” seems to be triggered by our exposing his sordid drunk driving and substance abuse history after he had made so very many false accusations of alcoholism and drunk driving against his “Foes List” victims.

Bill Villa's “stalking” record is 15 times in one day! In fairness, though, we haven’t seen him hit our site at all during work hours. His boss Jamie Allebach, Chief Executive and Creative Officer, Allebach Communications, Souderton PA, apparently really laid down the law on his hate blog abuses during business hours, and he (Jamie Allebach that is) deserves a lot of credit and thanks for that. If you find yourself being menaced by Bill Villa (Creative Director at Allebach Communications, Souderton PA), though, direct correspondence to:

Bill Villa also claims to run his own agency called A la Carte in a shabby row home in a low-rent, high-crime area of Allentown PA.
More info to come on Bill Villa and A la Carte Advertising.

So, Bill, if you’re so very worried about what we have to say that you need to constantly “stalk” our site, why not let us give you the peace of mind you’ve looked for for so long and in so many places (not the least of which were drugs and alcohol)? As we say in our Mission Statement, we want nothing more than for you to put your decade of lies, abuse, and threats behind you and return to a role as a productive member of society.

When “Lehigh Valley Somebody” stops it’s lies and attacks on us, we’ll stop presenting the truth about you that you hate so much you are obsessively drawn to constantly look at it. It’s a sick life you’re living, Bill. And your addiction to lies and threats is no different than your addiction to drugs. can disappear tomorrow if you want it to, Bill.

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