In Search of... Bill Villa's "Verifiable Facts"

Bill Villa makes a great many sickening accusations against a great many good people -- nearly 60 teachers, academics, journalists, lawyers, business professionals, civic leaders, civil rights leaders, and clergy members throughout his community. And when he’s done smearing them with lies, half-truths, and innuendo, he menaces them with ever more frequent and ominous references to violence. This is the purpose of his web-published “Foes List.”

What kind of sick, deranged creep does that?

And he’s never been able to prove even a single thing he’s claimed. About anyone. Ever.

Yet he babbles on and on with wild-eyed claims of having “verifiable facts.”

But his “verifiable facts” are as elusive as Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster. Like sightings of those mythical beasts, there are never any corroborating witnesses or conclusive evidence to support Bill Villa's ever more bizarre accusations against so many of the law abiding citizens of his community.

Sure, Bill Villa has run-of-the-mill, irrelevant facts, and it’s amazing the fever dream contortions of logic he uses to make something out of them. Because fellow A made a campaign donation to fellow B and was seen having lunch with fellow C while fellow D was across the street, there is clearly corruption at the highest levels and all involved are engaged in a conspiracy (along with the other 60 members of his “Foes List”) against the courageous, long-suffering Bill Villa. Or something.

Bill Villa is a liar.

Or, perhaps Bill Villa actually believes his falsehoods.

Bill “the defendant could not remember his own name and address” Villa was(?) for many years a deeply disturbed alcoholic and illegal drug abuser, and such a history has been known to leave behind paranoid delusions in many addicts both current and former.

Either way, Bill Villa is maliciously lying about a great many good people.

For the last decade, we’ve seen the same pattern over and over. Bill Villa, Creative Director at Allebach Communications in Souderton PA, tells an outrageous lie about someone on his “Foes List.” That person rebuts Bill Villa’s claim. Bill Villa then insists the meer rebuttal is “libeling” him, and the diminutive, Truman Capote-esque Villa begins to screech, “I’ll thue! I’ll thue!” Too many of his victims, fearing that his threatened frivolous legal action may cost more than they want or have to spend, will turn a deaf ear to Villa’s abuse. Then the abuse continues with greater frequency and viciousness. Then, often, Bill Villa goes after the victim’s spouse and/or (usually female) family members. Even his own family (who had previously stood by him through years of alcoholism, drunk driving, and drug addiction) was forced to exclude him when he began viciously attacking them for for declining to support him in his increasingly demented jihad against his nearly 60 “Foes List” victims.

Former long-time illegal drug addict Bill Villa has become so very deranged that he, the publisher of the misogynist and racist hate blog Lehigh Valley Somebody, who has tormented nearly 60 fine people, their families, and associates -- some for nearly a decade -- irrationally claims that the community contributing to this site in order to clear their reputations and good names are conducting a “smear campaign” against him. The word Crybully was almost certainly coined for Bill Villa.

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