20 Questions Bill Villa Won't Answer. Even with Lies.

Twenty Questions Bill Villa refuses to address...
...with answers he doesn't want you to know.

Question 1
You make frequent references to violence on your blog and in emails concerning your “Foes List” victims, most notably:
  • Doctoring a photo of a female Assistant District Attorney to make it appear that she had just been physically assaulted and injured by superimposing a livid red handprint indicating a smack mark on her face and misogynistically “joking” that she had been “bitch slapped”
  • Emailing a family member of a “Foes List” victim questioning whether you should physically attack the victim "with bare knuckles or brass knuckles"
  • Sending an email stating you were "certain" that "God" was "on that" to bring about one of your "“Foes List” victim's "slow and ugly death", closing with a phrase around the victim "chugging cheap wine in hell with [the name of a member of the “Foes List” victim's family] soon." Then, shortly thereafter, quoting fictional serial killer Hannibal Lecter.
  • Stating on your Facebook page in reference to an affiant and potential witness in the District Attorney’s case against you that you believe there is an effort on the part of Lehigh County District Attorney James Martin and Sprague & Sprague (one of the country’s leading law firms) to “bait” you to "punch the nose through the back of his [the affiant's] head”
What is your purpose in these communications other than attempts at intimidation?

Question 2
You have exposed on your blog information such as the personal contact data, place of employment, and work photograph of both the wife and younger sister of an affiant and potential witness in the District Attorney’s case against you.

Can you identify your purpose in your doing so for any reason other than an attempt at intimidation?

Question 3
You make the false claim that an affiant and potential witness in the District Attorney’s case against you has a “contract” with the District Attorney and Sprague & Sprague (one of the nation’s leading law firms) to drive business to the affiant's firm in return for his affidavit. You lie in your attempt to offer “proof” of this by posting a small, highly modified excerpt of your “Foes List” victim’s affidavit which obscures all of its pertinent details at www.scribd.com/document/317853540/Enlisted-Affiant.

Can you name any purpose for your lie other than an attempt at intimidation?

Question 4
Your employer (Jamie Allebach, Chief Executive and Creative Officer, Allebach Communications, Souderton PA) has forbidden you from carrying-out your "Foes List" abuses during working hours. You failed to comply with his directive, and were for a second time ordered by Mr. Allebach to put a stop to your working hours abuses against "Foes List" victims.

Has Mr. Allebach specified a penalty should you again run afoul of his instructions when victimizing members of your "Foes List"?

Has he warned your coworkers of your propensity to vandalize reputations on a whim with lies, half-truths, and innuendo via your web-publised "Foes List" so as to enable these innocent people to take proper precautions when interacting with you?

Has any similar warning been issued to clients of Allebach Communications?

Question 5
You frequently make unsubstantiated accusations of criminal activity against many of your nearly 60 "Foes List" victims and have done so for nearly a decade. Amid those many lies, you have yet to produce even a single shred of remotely credible, actionable evidence of any criminal wrongdoing... Against anyone... For any crime... Ever.

Can you present even a single “verifiable fact” to support your so far entirely unsubstantiated accusations of criminal activity?

Question 6
You often publish small snippets of emails or other correspondence from your “Foes List” victims entirely out of context and sometimes with misleading modification.

Would you be willing to post these exchanges in context, unmodified, and in their entirety?
Or are you intentionally presenting them in a false light so as to malign your “Foes List” victims?

Question 7
You frequently tout your 11 WAEB appearances, and yet WAEB ’s Senior Vice President of Programming Craig Stevens has stated you are no longer welcome on-air. In fact, a court document states that he made comments concerning you such as, “We’re not happy with him”, “It was a personal vendetta by Villa”, and “He misrepresented.”

Can you explain why WAEB no longer wants any association with you despite your numerous false claims to the contrary?

Question 8
Craig Stevens, Senior Vice President of Programming at WAEB Newsradio, has, according to a court document, stated that you mislead your blog readers by writing the comments on your blog yourself.

The fictitious names under which you presumably do so include “Monkey Mambo”, “455 W.Hamilton St”, “Consigliere”, “The City Official”, “LCVI”, “The Banker”, etc. In fact, other than your name and your wife’s, it’s nearly impossible to find a comment on your blog associated with a verifiably real person with a real name.

You claim to run StatMeter so as to log the identities of visitors to your site (whom you misleadingly call “stalkers”). Can you, using the StatMeter data you claim to have, disprove Mr. Stevens assertion?

Question 9
You claim on your blog that, with respect to your alcoholism, DUI conviction, and (according to you, former) long-time illegal drug addiction:
"Bill V has been recovered and sober since July 26, 1987"
Given what appears to be frequent and ongoing bizarre, delusional, and belligerent behavior on your part, can you produce any "verifiable facts" to substantiate this?

Where, for example, did you do your alchohol and illegal drug rehabilitation?

Question 10
You continue to hide your own DUI records behind an expungement while demanding the DUI records of many of your fellow drunk drivers.

When will you be releasing the records concerning your own DUI?

What was your Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) at the time of your arrest?

Were there any traces of illegal street drugs in your system at the time?

Was your DUI prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, or did you receive the sort of "special favors" you claim (without substantiation) have benefitted many of your fellow drunk drivers?

Question 11
You accuse a community and civil rights leader on your "Foes List" of being a "scofflaws" (and go on to level the same charge against his wife). And yet you spent many years as an illegal drug addict presumably buying street drugs.

By your own definition, were you not also a "scofflaw" during the many years you were addicted to illegal drugs?

Question 12
You claim that former PA State Rep Jennifer Mann said,
"Jim Martin is a well-known drunk. Quote me and I’ll deny saying that."
Can you produce any "verifiable facts" substantiating your accusation against Ms. Mann?

Question 13
You attribute the quote,
"Bill Villa, These are the seeds of dangerous physical injury."
to journalist Mike Molovinsky.

Do you have any "verifiable facts" to prove that he did indeed say that?

Question 14
You claim on your blog that,
"[Morning Call columnist] Bill White responds by publishing an un-hinged and profane name-calling comment at his blog that’s deleted at our request by Morning Call online editors Marc Rosenberg and Elizabeth Bartolai overnight"
Can you present the "verifiable fact" of a direct quote?

Question 15
You make the claim that,
"Tom Corbett approved transparently bogus/phony 'harassment' charges…"
Do you have any "verifiable facts" to show that it was approved by the Governor and not simply a routine action by a junior functionary in the Attorney General’s office who approved the criminal charges against you?

For that matter, do you have any "verifiable facts" to show that former Governor Corbett had any knowledge whatsoever of you or any matters concerning you?

Question 16
You make numerous attacks on your blog against former City Council member and Cedar Crest College Professor Mike Donovan.

Do you have any "verifiable facts" to establish that he was, in fact, guilty of "criminal harassment" as you allege?

If so, why did you fail to file a complaint with law enforcement?

Given that you continue to disparage him on your blog, are you aware Professor Donovan is deceased?

Or are you doing so simply to "punish" his surviving spouse and children?

Question 17
You publish a lengthy exchange on your blog with an anonymous individual, supposedly from a wealthy and prominent Allentown family, who makes numerous accusations against District Attorney Jim Martin.

Can you produce any "verifiable facts" to substantiate his charges?

Or even his existence?

Or are you simply fabricating?

Question 18
You publish the following on your blog,
"So [District Attorney] Jim [Martin], what the heck happened to your black Cadillac SUV? The driver’s side was all side-swiped a bright green color like you took out a fence or a row of hedges or something after a night at the Hogan’s Club.

Note: I have cc’d Allentown Chief of Police Roger MacLean on this email, just in case there’s an unsolved DUI hit and run that fits your description."
Do you have any "verifiable facts" to support your insinuation, or is it simply baseless innuendo?

Question 19
You publish the following on your blog,
"Bill, there’s a well-known working alliance between D.A. James Martin and the Allentown School District’s David Elcock-- they work very closely in coordinating presentations on "Sexting" at ASD schools. David Elcock is supposed to be Director of Human Resources (wink wink) but obviously has plenty of extra time on his hands for sexting (presentations) with D.A. James Martin. What’s the over/under that H.R. Director David Elcock and D.A. James Martin have discussed blacklisting Angie Villa from full-time employment in the ASD? Inquiring minds want to know."
Can you produce any "verifiable facts" to support your currently entirely unsubstantiated speculation against Mr. Elcock?

Question 20
On March 6 of this year, you made made the following offer to the public on your blog:
“That's why LVS is offering a $3.1 MILLION REWARD to any emailer who Specifies & Proves a lie I've told about anything or anyone on the so called “Enemies List” they’re all so concerned about.

All sober and lucid accusations with even just the slightest faint whiff of any merit will be published and addressed right here.”
Now, one of your many lies has been demonstrated and sent to your attorney Michael Shay by one of your "Foes List" victims - with several more to follow. You, however, are refusing to execute the transaction and deliver your promised payment -- despite your "Foes List" victim’s offer to contribute that payment in its entirety to the bona fide Sheena Villa memorial fund of your choice.

Why are you defaulting on your globally published offer?