Bill Villa's "Foes List" Victims

Bill Villa publishes a "Foes List" of nearly 60 members (shown in its entirety below) of his community and subjects many to lies, half-truths, innuendo and ever-increasing ominous references to violence.

He does so because he believes that the individuals listed below are part of a vast conspiracy against him.

Many of the victims of Bill Villa's "Foes List" have banded together to contribute to this information resource to help put a stop to Villa's abuse -- especially in light of his rapidly declining rationality as demonstrated by increasing references to violence. Some declined for fear of retaliation from Villa. Some declined because they hold elected positions. Some declined for personal reasons.

See Villa's blog ( for source document details on his abuse of those on the list...

Name Occupation
Adrianne Masut Magistrate
Alex Joseph Clergy Member
Alfonso Todd Event Promoter, Civil Rights Leader
Bernie O'Hare Journalist
Bill White Journalist, Professor
Bob Romancheck Businessman, Environmentalist
Bob Steinberg Judge
Carmen Ambar College President
Charles Dent Congressman
Chris Casey Journalist
Daniel Gambet Clergy Member, Former University President
Dave Erdman MCALL Editor
David Jaindl Real Estate Developer
David Najarian Lawyer
Debbie Garlicki Journalist
Diana Morse Teacher
Dick Sprague Lawyer
Ed Reibman Judge
Geoff Brace Legislative Assistant for State Rep. Schlossberg
Gina Blevins Business Professional
Glenn Kranzley Former MCALL editor, UNiversity Professor
Grant Harrity Clergy Member
Janine Iamunno Executive Director of University Relations, UNC
Jason Pearlman Lawyer, Sprague & Sprague
Jeff Pooley Professor
Jeffrey Anthony Partner, Synaptic Consulting, University Lecturer
Jennifer Mann Business Professional, Former Legislator
Jerry Brahm Advertising Operations Manager
John Micek Opinion Editor
Julia Brenner Lawyer
Kelly Banach Judge
Kevin Amerman MCALL Reporter
Lawrence Brenner Judge
Lou Lappen Federal Prosecutor
Malcolm Gross Attorney
Maria Tjeltveit Clergy Member
Merrily Starkey Assistant to DA Jim Martin
Michael Donovan Professor, former Mayoral candidate
Mike D'Amore Lawyer
Mike Miorelli MCALL Editor
Mike Molovinsky Journalist
Neil Hever Operations Director, WDIY
Pat Reilly Attorney
Patrick Farrell Provost, Lehigh University
Paul Muschick MCALL journalist
Peyton Former Muhlenberg College President
Renee Smith Deputy District Attorney
Richard Sprague Attorney
Riley Schillaci Performance Artist
Robert Steinberg Judge
Rod Beck Magistrate
Susan Koomar Editor
Tim Ryan Publisher
Tom Corbett Former Pennsylvania Governor
Tony Iannelli Journalist
Veronica Rohrer Salesperson
Michael Donovan Professor
Wally Trimble Journalist, Professor
Zane Memeger Federal Prosecutor

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