A Tale of Two Drunk Drivers (And a Drug Addict)

Bill Villa and Robert LaBarre:
A Tale of Two Drunk Drivers
(And a Drug Addict)
Drunk Driver
Bill Villa
Drunk Driver
Robert LaBarre

The Difference Between the Two?
Nothing But a Bit of Luck

When drunk driver and long-time illegal drug addict Bill Villa was arrested at 5:20 AM for DUI (with small children at home), arresting officer David A. Keck noted that, as a likely result of the nearly empty bottle of Stolichnaya on the floor of Bill Villa's car, “...the defendant could not remember his own name and address or where he was…”

Except for luck, or providence, or the Grace of G-d, or call it what you like, drunk driver (and long-time illegal drug addict) Bill Villa could easily have plowed into another car and killed someone’s daughter. Or son. Or family.

Drunk driver and drug addict Bill Villa was lucky.
Drunk Driver Robert LaBarre wasn’t lucky enough to avoid the consequences of his actions as was drunk driver Bill Villa. He injured one passenger and killed another, Bill Villa’s daughter Sheena.

No one denies the horror of that. And no one who hasn’t experienced the death of a child can fathom the grief Bill Villa must feel. And, to this day, no one would ever try to minimize the pain that will never subside for Bill Villa.

But, despite Bill Villa's grief induced false and irrational claims, Robert LaBarre paid dearly for his actions. Judge Robert L. Steinberg sent LaBarre to prison for 51/2 to 12 years, almost double the minimum sentence required by law.

Despite deep sympathy and support from the community, Bill Villa dishonors and defiles the memory of his daughter and makes a mockery of her tragic death, using it as an excuse to indulge his sick, demented need to threaten, abuse, and attempt to dominate his victims and their families -- his "Foes List" of nearly 60 upstanding, law-abiding people having nothing whatsoever to do with his daughter’s tragic death or it's aftermath.

No amount of pity should allow him to do that.

BillVillasVictimsUnited.com is here to stop him.

The time has come to put a stop to alcoholic, drunk driver, and former(?) illegal drug addict Bill Villa 's demented obsession with damaging the reputations, livelihoods, and lives of his nearly 60 “Foes List” victims and their families and associates (some of whom he has never met nor had any interaction with whatsoever). His personal tragedy in no way justifies the evil of his sick abuses spanning nearly a decade. Bill Villa delusionally believes that his “Foes List” victims are arrayed in a vast conspiracy against him. Perhaps instead of dwelling on that baseless paranoid delusion, Bill Villa should ask himself about his failings in his responsibilities to his daughter as a father due to his alcoholism and drug addiction. He should ask himself how his failure to set an example could have led to her lapse in judgement when she willingly got into drunk driver Robert LaBarre’s car that fateful and tragic night. A better example set by her father might have saved her. And only he could have changed that. It is the height of irrationality for him to blame the nearly 60 victims of his "Foes List" and continue to menace them to this day.

Bill Villa needs to find the courage to come to the realization that a great deal of the blame is his and none of the blame can be attributed to the nearly 60 victims of his “Foes List”

Ironically, one of alcoholic Bill Villa's favorite lies is to baselessly accuse his “Foes List” victims of being alcoholics. And to falsely claim they have been convicted of DUI. (See In Search Of Bill Villa's "Verifiable Facts") That’s one of the reasons we at BillVillasVictimsUnited.com decided to expose alcoholic and former(?) long-time drug addict Bill Villa's drunk driving records.

And that exposé began yet another round of drunk driver and long-time drug addict Bill Villa screeching blatant lies. First he claimed that his drunk driving record had been “expunged.” Then that his records were “sealed.” Then he irrationally claimed that accessing and exposing his records was a criminal act. Now, in full demented rage, Bill Villa is yet again lying by claiming that Lehigh County officials are “helping” him in his “investigation” and that he has uncovered “suspects.” If you believe Villa may be telling the truth, simply call Lehigh County Executive Tom Muller and ask him if any elected, appointed, or employed Lehigh County personnel are "helping" Bill Villa with his imaginary "investigation." He’ll tell you Bill Villa is a liar.

As you can imagine, drunk driver and former long-time illegal drug addict Bill Villa is attempting to sow a great deal of misinformation around this issue.

So let’s be specific in rebutting his misinformation.

BillVillasVictimsUnited.com member Jeffrey Anthony is an affiant and potential witness in a case Lehigh County District Attorney Jim Martin has brought against Bill Villa. As a result, Mr. Anthony, his wife, and their extended family have been the targets of a great deal of abuse from former(?) illegal drug addict Bill Villa for well over a year.

Bill Villa recently claimed on his hate blog that Lehigh County Clerk of Judicial Records Andrea Naugle is “helping” him with his “investigation” of Jeffrey Anthony. In typical Villa fashion, he of course failed to specify what wrongdoing he was “investigating”, because, of course, there is none.

Moreover, how is it that Bill Villa -- an alcoholic and former long-time illegal drug addict -- believes he has standing to conduct an “investigation” with the support of County Judicial resources? Bear in mind that Bill Villa has been described by police in a criminal complaint as, “not able to remember his own name or address”, so it’s easy to understand his rather, shall we say, tenuous grip on reality.

At any rate, Mr. Anthony phoned Ms. Naugle, and she confirmed that the only contact she’s had with Villa was answering some basic questions around obtaining judicial records and the functioning of her office, and that she was not providing any ongoing help in any “investigation” of Bill Villa's as he falsely claims on his hate blog.

Mr. Anthony then phoned Lehigh County Executive Tom Muller to ask him his thoughts on the situation. He said the county wouldn’t be “helping” any private individual in an “investigation” of anyone -- other than telling them how to look something up or obtain documents.

BillVillasVictimsUnited.com posted a rebuttal in this article to Villa’s assertion that Lehigh County (and specifically Ms. Naugle) was “helping” him in his “investigation” of Mr. Anthony, saying, “Call Tom Muller. He’ll tell you Villa is a liar.” We said this because Muller told Mr. Anthony Bill Villa was a liar when Villa claimed any county personnel were involved in "helping" him with his "investigation."

As it turns out, Lehigh County Executive did nothing more than what politicians so very often do: he told a constituent -- Mr. Anthony -- what he thought would make him go away happy. In the end, Tom Muller didn't have the courage or integrity to be held accountable for what he said in that conversation.

In part, this is because Bill Villa is noted for his many efforts to intimidate public officials. For example, he created this violent image and posted it on his hate blog:

That’s a female Assistant District Attorney in Villa’s violent photo fantasy (note the slap mark he put on her face as part of his sick, misogynistic little charade), so imagine the lengths to which he might go to intimidate Mr. Muller.

Villa was true to form, plastering a large picture of Mr. Muller on Facebook and strongly implying that Muller might find himself the target of the sort of reputation vandalism received by so many other public figures.

After Villa subjected Lehigh County Executive Muller to this abuse on social media, Mr. Muller -- being somewhat elderly and within months of the end of his last term -- cravenly backed down and capitulated within a day, providing the email demanded by Villa saying -- as Mr. Villa demanded -- that Mr. Anthony's assertion was “inaccurate.”

Mr. Anthony's assertion was not in any way inaccurate, but Tom Muller was rewarded by Villa when Villa immediately removed his abusive reputation vandalism against Muller from social media.

Either Lehigh County
is “helping” Villa in his “investigation” of Mr. Anthony
is not “helping” Villa in his “investigation” of Mr. Anthony

Since Lehigh County is definitely not “helping” Bill Villa in his "investigation" as the former illegal drug addict claims (nor would it "help" any private citizen in an “investigation”), it follows that Bill Villa is lying, and so, by extension, is the craven County Executive Tom Muller.

Mr. Anthony invites either or both "gentlemen" to bring suit against him should they care to argue the point.

Mr. Anthony stands by his account of his conversation with Lehigh County Executive Tom Muller, and BillVillasVictimsUnited.com stands by this article.

Mr. Muller is not the first “public servant” to back down in fear of Bill Villa's potential reputation vandalism and references to violence. To some extent, that is understandable given that Villa has chalked-up nearly 60 innocent victims so far...

As an aside, one wonders whether advertising clients served by Bill Villa (Creative Director at Allebach Communications in Souderton PA) are aware of his violent photo fantasy concerning the Assistant District Attorney -- and other references to violence like it. And, if they were to be made aware, would they consider their employees safe from former drug addict Bill Villa given his frequent references to violence? Particularly against women? Moreover, would those advertising clients’ customers buy a product that’s advertising was developed by a “man” like Bill Villa if they knew of his violent images demeaning women?

BillVillasVictimsUnited.com will be considering that question (along with asking clients what strategies they're using to keep their employees and their families safe from Bill Villa's reputation vandalism and references to violence) in a soon-to-be-released article. Keep checking back...

Now, back to our current story...

Clearly, in the twisted mind of Bill Villa (Creative Director at Allebach Communications, Souderton PA), the truth -- when applied to him -- is a criminal act. In alcoholic and former(?) drug addict Bill Villa's world, free speech applies only to him.

Bill Villa claims to be subject to “criminal harassment” when his victims simply rebut his lies. Bill Villa delusionally claims to have “verifiable facts” without a single witness or shred of corroborating evidence (See In Search Of Bill Villa's "Verifiable Facts"). Bill Villa is simply a liar and a coward regardless of the tragedy that befell him.

As we say in our Mission Statement, we hope we might bring Bill Villa to his senses and incent him to remove from the web his “Foes List” and all associated attacks on us so that we can, in turn, remove this information resource site. We want nothing more than for Bill Villa to put his decade of hate and compulsive spewing of lies, half-truths, innuendo, and violent references behind him and rejoin the community as a well-adjusted, productive citizen.

We're here to help if you let us, Bill.